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Takhoun Island is community Ecotourism beauty HAN Island

Takhoun Island is community Ecotourism beauty HAN Island is located in Choam Thom village ,Kosh Sneng Commune , Borey Ou Seay Sen Chey District , Stoengtreng province.

about 22 km from Stoengtreng City, on Notional road 7, cross the Sekong Bridge, and on national road 9, a cross the Mekong Bridge, a bout 25 km by car,motorbike and ferry.

There is a beautiful beach that wide stretch and should be good looking. The beach is layer and has small Chrey shrubs growing in the shade that provide shade for tents and events.

The river is lush blue, with shallow depth that allow you to bathe happily, the water is flowing and you can watch the sunset in the evening and sunrise in the morning.

You can see many kind of water fowl and see the fishing activities of the community and watermelon.

Source: AMS

Translate by Negt Haysan


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