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Vern Sai Siem Pang National Park

the only place you can see the yellow-cheeked Vulture that is endangered the guests Can :

1.Tent in the protected natural area (Ensure the safety of guests by the park ranger ) listen to the sound of the vultures, watch the yellow-cheeked which are rare and other animals in the area.

2.Visits by cycling.

3.Visit plants and large trees.

4.Waterfall bath and natural stream.

5.Taste your food traditional on local.

6.Change the living environment from the city to natural recreation.

7.Barbecue, listen to music at night, the community of Okasaeb protected Area in Vern Sai Siem Pang National park has received support from the Ratanakkiri provincial Department to increase natural resource management and Improve community livelihood through ecotourism. Conservation is possible and improving the livelihood of local communities the participation of brother and sister.


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