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Travel Archive

Khnong preah Ecotourism Area

Located in the kraveanh mountains geography of Veal vean district, more than 100 km pursat province in of Cambodia. Khnong preah the cool ari, the dew Accompanied by the smell of fragrant kunthea makes us think we

EK phnom Temple Cultural Tourism

Located in Ta Kom village, peam Ek commune, Ek phnom district, Battambang province. There is an ancient temple called Ek phnom temple, built in the 11th century during the reign of king suryavarman I to dedicate to

Vern Sai Siem Pang National Park

the only place you can see the yellow-cheeked Vulture that is endangered the guests Can : 1.Tent in the protected natural area (Ensure the safety of guests by the park ranger ) listen to the sound of

Takhoun Island is community Ecotourism beauty HAN Island

Takhoun Island is community Ecotourism beauty HAN Island is located in Choam Thom village ,Kosh Sneng Commune , Borey Ou Seay Sen Chey District , Stoengtreng province. about 22 km from Stoengtreng City, on Notional road 7,

Busra Waterfall Resort

Busra Waterfall is a famous resort in Mondulkiri Province. Busra is located in Pechreada district , more than 33 kilometers from the Rongvong Moul koprei in Mondulkiri Province . Busra Waterfall has two stages: 1.The first stage